Benefits of Playing Music 

The following is a list of benefits to studying music: 

Concentration: The study of music requires a student to multitask as focus on reading, muscle coordination, timing, and aesthetics all at the same time.  

Muscle Development:  The study of an instrument, or of voice, requires the use of finely tuned muscles. Learning to play a musical instrument helps develop eye-hand coordination. 

Social Interaction:   Social opportunities are plenty as students share music with other musicians and the general public. 
Accomplishment: Learning music is a journey and is rewarding when students realize how they have grown.  Homestyle Music  celebrates bringing students to a place of success every step along the way. 

Creativity and Self-Expression:  Homestyle Music believes that people are made to be creative. The studies of piano, guitar, voice, or any musical instrument helps to give place to creative abilities and develops students to be the best they can.